Kristin Richardson

Other Facts:

**Kristin did a small stint with her high school newspaper
**Kristin majored in performing arts.
**Kristin is a professionally trained dancer.
**Kristin was the only blond dancer on Cher's Do You Believe?tour.
**Kristin can be seen in Cher's "All or Nothing" video.
**Kristin can be seen in Cher's HBO concert.
**Kristin was in the "Beauty and the Beast" show at Disney World.
**Kristin was one of the famous Rockettes in New York City.
**Kristin was in Jim Carrey's Man On The Moon movie, as "Tony Clifton's" (Andy Kaufman's alter-ego) background dancers.

Wedding Details:

The ceremony was held at Estill Cathedral Domain, outside on a cliff by the church. About 150 guest had been invited and, yes, all the other Boys were there. In fact, the ceremony started a half-hour late because Nick was LATE!! Nick, you don't do that on your bandmates wedding day!! Anyway, Kevin's brother, Tim Richardson performed the service. Kristin wore a biege dress with pretty flowers in her hair. She had two friends as her bridesmaids and they were all bare-foot. They walked down the aisle on rose petals. Kevin and his best men, one of them being Kevin's brother, Jerald Richardson Jr. They wore Versace suits and sandals. Kevin cried throughout the whole ceremony, including the exchanging of vows (awwwww). Also, an actress from One Life To Live read and talked about real love. At the reception, 3 Jazz musicians were hired for entertainment. Kevin and Kristin's wedding song was "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden (which Darren Hayes said was an honor). AJ and Kevin had a deep, emotional conversation at the reception (about what, I don't know). Then after the reception, the newlyweds took off for the Capri Islands of Italy. Kevin has said that through the whole ceremony, he could feel his dad's presence everywhere.